We’re too planning to get involved in old-age homes too and give them the moral support to enjoy the life.

NGOs have to get support, funding, financial help and donation to get work, execute, implement and accomplish the aims, objects, aspirations, ambitions, desires, causes and targets they desire to fulfill and they have decided, they are working on and they have to achieve them. To get funding and other support, NGO has to submit project proposals in pre-formatted certain patterns.Projects for funding are submitted in such a framework that explains the issues, needs and requirements of the plan, why the need of fund and support is and the way how the NGO and beneficiaries will implement it.

Donation camps

Roots Of Happiness is making an effort to not only “fill bellies” but to do so

Plantation of Trees

At Roots Of Happiness, we are working as an ngo for tree plantation in delhi and all over India.

Education Program

Education is both the means as well as the end to a better life; because it empowers

Clieanliness Drive

We, at roots of happiness, found it of uttermost important to health of people and spread awareness