Clieanliness Drive

In India, many people suffer due to diseases which are born out of unfit surrounding conditions. We, at roots of happiness, found it of utter most important to health of people and spread awareness on on the importance of keeping our surroundings clean.This might sound common sense, that we need to keep our locality clean but time and again we see people living in unhygienic surroundings. This is why we carry out these cleanliness drives. So that, we can bring awareness among people and create a sense of ownership regarding their locality.When people see others taking initiative to do the undervalued work their conscious and subconscious mind become more aware towards the same. This is why we have carried out cleanliness drives at multiple locations in the past. These drives are generally held on weekends in government holidays so that more and more people can join us.These drives not only end up with cleaner localities but they help the locals to act as the collective team in quest of cleaning their locality. We have seen that unmanaged waste leads to many airborne and waterborne diseases which would have been easily prevented and these cleanliness drives just to the same.To carry out these drives the volunteers are provided with gloves, masks and broom sticks. They are brief about the whole process in advance. On the date of cleanliness drive volunteers are asked to gather at a pre decided point from where the cleanliness drive begins. Generally the drive is conducted in the morning so that the waste can be easily carried from the roads and then dumped into the dustbin.